The Makers of Sucette




Grenache is one of the world's most widely planted grapes &, at it's best, it is one of the great wines of the world. That said, there are actually very few examples worthy of bestowing such a designation upon them. It takes all of the right ingredients, including such things as soil, climate, & a soft touch in the winery. The soil, in particular, matters a ton.

We believe that the prettiest of all Grenache comes from old vines grown in sandy soils. In sand the colors are lighter (& who cares, you neither taste nor smell color) & the wine develops all of the beautiful, floral, high-toned aromatics that give allure & sex appeal. Yes, you will want to wear it. We have come to regard it as the well-endowed, warm climate analogy of Pinot Noir.

Well, that sandy soil happens to be few & far between. Believe us, we've considered Spain, California, France & Sardinia. Apart from France (home the best of them all, Cht. Rayas) the most promising sandy soil we've found is in the Vine Vale portion of the Barossa, South Australia. What makes Vine Vale unique & totally different from the rest of the Barossa is the deep sandy soil & the gully

breezes which keep things cool. This has made it a really fine home for own-rooted Grenache vines for more than a century.

Our own vineyard, The Rza Block (estimated to have been planted between 1860-1880), is situated in the heart of the Vine Vale in deep, white beach-like sand. The vines are head-trained, own-rooted and dry-grown, having struck a natural balance with their surroundings after 150 years or so of cohabitation.

Harvest is a fairly simple affair, pick the grapes & haul them across the country road to the winery where we ferment, partially whole-cluster, in fermenters that are open to the sun rays, moon beams, bees - all of it. A pass through the old basket press & then the wine hangs out in only old French oak barrels. In keeping with the belief that it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it, we believe the 'old' barrels give the wine time to find itself, preserve the purity of soil & grape, & set itself up for longevity.

The result is an elegant, sumptuous, sexy, delicious bottle that finds it's way onto our table rather frequently. We hope you enjoy it too.

Basket Press

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The lifted aromatics of Sucette are thanks to the sand in which the Grenache is grown as well as the small amount of stems included in fermentation.

This is one sexy red wine, & Grenache as it really should be: super aromatic, pretty as heck, supple & yet full of verve. Think of it like better, more luscious Pinot Noir.